about us

INTELECTO Consulting Group is a company that provides management consulting services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in order to help them improve their profitability through the development of sustainable competitive advantages. The company specializes in topics such as: strategy definition and implementation, financial management, business intelligence and marketing. The primary objective of INTELECTO is to become a strategic partner that will support the value creation in companies. Additionally, all our associates hold a master degree in business administration from INCAE (founded by Harvard Business School), world renowned institution which is recognized for its business leadership in Latin America.

INTELECTO believes in the power of entrepreneurs, as well as the role of SMEs in the country's socioeconomic environment. We believe that a proper combination of entrepreneurial spirit and business knowledge greatly increases the probability of success, maximize returns, and in turn creates a positive social impact. | (506) 2273-0515 | (506) 8814-7338 | All Rights Reserved